Pass Christian Library Ready For Face Lift

Plans are underway to lure more people to the Pass Christian Library by giving it a much needed face lift. Librarians say they hope to start renovations as soon as this fall.

Twice a week you'll find nursing student Leslie Lizana-Ross at the Pass Christian library. She says it would be nice to have a more cheerful place to study.

"I think they could add some more colors to it just to make it look a little nice," said Lizana-Ross. "The carpet, of course, definitely needs a change. I think we've been looking at the same carpet here for years."

Librarians say 15 years to be exact. If plans to give the library a new look go forward, the stained, shredded carpet will be replaced.

Daniel Alcazar took over as the head librarian in January. He immediately notice the needs.

"Another thing was the lights. A lot of these lights, only one of two bulbs are working and so the room tends to be a bit somber and it's hard on your eyes."

Alcazar says until the city of Pass Christian sets it's budget, no one can be sure how much fundraising will be needed to pay for the renovations. Donations are coming in from both individuals and companies.

"A library is an important part of the community for learning and even for entertainment," he said. "We have our movies here. We have fiction. So you know if you'd like to contribute, we'd be very appreciative."

Lizana-Ross believes circulation could benefit with a more friendly atmosphere.

"That something I think we would be proud of and I believe more people would come, especially to see the changes of the library."

To donate, make out a check payable to the Pass Christian Library. You can drop it off or mail it to:

Pass Christian Library
111 Hiern Avenue
Pass Christian, MS 39571

Please designate on the check that it's for the refurbishment fund.