Prehistoric Indian Sites Found In Greene County

"We knew there were Indians here because everyone finds arrowheads and stuff like that on their properties," Archaeologist Rita Fields.

But until MDOT decided to erect a major highway south of Leaksville and get the area checked for historical sites, archaeologists like Fields believed Indians merely passed us by.

"When we started doing the excavations, we started finding hearths and fireplaces and cooking pits and trash pits and lots of things."

The artifacts tell scientists one thing: Indians were staying in southeast Mississippi much longer.

"Prior to these finds, no one considered the pinehills to have such rich, archaeological information."

Greene County wanted to share the findings with the community.

Joey Howard's been collecting artifacts since he was a kid.

"You know when you pick one up that an Indian was the last to have their hands on it. It's just interesting," Howard said.

Howard was hoping to find out if any of his treasure has any significance. He was told one item was a pendent worn by the Indians.

"Most exciting thing I've experienced," Greene County Historical Society President James Dunnam said.

Dunnam hopes this will begin an Indian history explosion in the county.

"Just in that corridor, they found three sites, so we know there are others around it."

He hopes those too will someday be excavated so Greene County's past can be preserved for the future.

By the way, any governmental agency must conduct a historical study on an area before it can build something that would destroy its historical significance.

The Greene County Historical Society plans to open a museum at the beginning of next year to display all the artifacts.