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Salvation Army Still In Desperate Need Of Warehouse Space

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  • 07/15/05

    Salvation Army Tosses New Toys In Trash

    Salvation Army Tosses New Toys In Trash

    The Gulfport Salvation Army threw hundreds of new toys into large garbage dumpsters outside its distribution warehouse in Long Beach. Tossing the surplus toys was part of the ongoing process of vacating the warehouse space, since the building has been sold. The chairman of the Salvation Army board admits "we made a mistake" and says he doesn't want the public to get the impression that the organization routinely throws away donated toys or goods. More >>

We have a follow-up to a story about the Gulfport Salvation Army throwing away hundreds of new toys outside its warehouse in Long Beach.

As we first reported on Friday, cartons of un-opened toys were tossed into two large dumpsters. Salvation Army leaders told WLOX News, "we made a mistake and we're sorry".

Monday, the dumpsters are gone but the work continues to clean out the warehouse. More toys and other goods are being salvaged and moved to another location while the organization continues its plea for a new warehouse location.

"We're moving them to our facilities and packing them in just as tight as we can, hoping we can get the balance of our material in our facilities. What we need is warehouse space. We're going to be desperate come November, particularly. But even before then we'll be desperate for a place where we can do our Christmas program," Cherry Craddock with the Gulfport Salvation Army said.

If you can help with the need for new warehouse space, call the Gulfport Salvation Army at (228) 868-1188.

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