Stone County volunteer fire department burglarized

Stone County volunteer fire department burglarized

STONE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - One Stone County volunteer fire department is recovering after its facility was broken into and burglarized. Monday night was the first official meeting since the incident. The Sunflower Volunteer Fire Department volunteers are asking questions about who could have done this and why.

"We put our heart into building this to have something nice for the community, and for someone to come in and try to destroy it, it breaks your heart," said South Central Fire District Chief Thomas Muffler

Muffler thoroughly looked at the damage to the building he says he's poured his blood, sweat, and tears into.

"All of this we build by our own hands. It's sad that you put all your heart into this and they don't care," said Muffler.

This past week, someone broke into the building, stealing any and everything they thought was valuable, from outdated electronics to equipment that would have soon saved lives.

"They took an ancient VCR/DVD Combo," Muffler recalled. "We acquired this boat to turn into a rescue boat, and they took the battery out of it and the gas tank. Luckily, they left us the motor."

For the volunteers who give so much to keep the fire station in operation, the culprits got away with a whole lot more.

"They've taken kind of something else that you can't replace, and that's our pride," said Muffler.

Monday night, all of those volunteers were called back to the station where Muffler broke the news.

Obviously angered by what happened, these volunteers say they'll still move forward in making sure the building stays in operation. But, one volunteer did have a message for the ones who did this.

"I'm gonna pray for you and hope that you can find it in your heart to return the things and admit that what you did was wrong," said Paul Dedeaux.

If you have any information on who may have broken into the Sunflower Volunteer Fire Department, you're asked to call the Stone County Sheriff's Department at 601-928-7251.

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