Sheriff surprised by lack of tips in deputy shooting case

Sheriff surprised by lack of tips in deputy shooting case

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - It's been ten days since the shooting of a Harrison County deputy off Highway 605.  And even though the investigation continues, there appear to be more questions than answers.

WLOX News Now sat down Monday with Sheriff Troy Peterson to discuss the case.

"If this was an hour long episode of CSI, we'd already have it solved. But this is not. It's reality," said Sheriff Peterson.

And the reality in this case, says the sheriff, is that MBI is investigating and local law enforcement is still looking for the same suspect that was described on the day it happened:  A white male driving a white pick-up truck.

Does the sheriff remain convinced that his deputy was shot by someone else?

"I remain convinced that MBI will come up with a conclusive investigation when they get through with this," he replied.

WLOX News Now asked the sheriff, in the end, is it possible the truth might be something totally different from the story that was shared initially at the scene?

"No. The truth at the scene that I shared at the scene is the truth that we had. You know, the one thing I'm not going to do is not be transparent in any type of investigation. But with MBI handling this investigation, I can't step on MBI's toes until they conclude their investigation," he said.

One thing that's been missing in this case: information or tips from citizens. The sheriff says there's been a lack of public participation.

"The lack of the public seeing a white truck. The lack of the public coming forward saying, I think that so and so did this. Or we have information that so and so did this. That's the lack of I'm talking about."

He's heard the rumors and speculation about the shooting incident. But the sheriff said the evidence is all that matters.

As for the rumors that the deputy was shot with his own gun, the sheriff said, "I can't say anything about that. That's something MBI is still investigating."

The sheriff said once the MBI investigation is complete, they'll likely hold a joint news conference to discuss details of this case.

Sheriff Peterson told county supervisors the injured deputy is doing fine. He remains at home, on administrative leave.

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