DNA test reveals Turkish ancestry

DNA test reveals Turkish ancestry

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Steve Nelson of Gulfport always thought he was different than the rest of his family.

"My mother and thought to be dad had brown eyes, and I've got five brothers that was all brown eyed," said Nelson. "I was the only blue-eyed child, and I often wondered why I had blue eyes."

There was a good reason, but he didn't find out for more than 60 years. After his son Michael became interested in family history through Ancestry.com, a DNA search revealed some interesting and confusing ancestry from the Caucus region.

The problem: That same background wasn't in his grandparents.

"I didn't really think about all that until Mikey did the DNA. I just kind of brushed it to the side. You know, I'm different. It never dawned on me that I had another father out there."

It took a lot of work from Steve's brother to get a confession from their mother: In 1954, she had an affair in 1954 with a Turkish cadet stationed at Columbus Air Force Base. She remembered him only by his first name.

"He called me that day and said, 'I know who he is, but you have a lot more traveling to do,'" said Nelson. "You know, you being raised that your last name's Nelson, and now you know that your last name should have Kisacik. That's daunting."

In a strange fate, Michael unexpectedly connected with a relative in Miami looking for his uncle. It turned out to be the same man: Edrogan Kisacik. Steve found out that his biological father was killed in a car crash after returning to his native Turkey, along with two of his children.

He never knew he had a son in the United States.

Steve and Michael have been able to connect with his father's brother, Ali, and his two cousins. Just two weeks ago, they enjoyed a different family reunion in Oklahoma.

Steve has never had a good relationship with the man he thought was his father. So, his reaction to the news was mixed.

"There wasn't a love lost, but then, there was a love I wished I would have found through my real father. "

Nelson wishes his mother would have confessed a long time ago.

"I said why didn't you ever tell me. She said, 'You never asked.' Whenever I was told all this, I knew who I thought I was, but then when I would look in the mirror and say who am I," said Nelson. "Really, it was a blessing for me to know that there was somebody else out there who was even better that I could call my dad."

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