'We haven't forgotten him': Volunteers honor memory of 10-year-old

'We haven't forgotten him': Volunteers honor memory of 10-year-old

GULFPORT, MS - Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011 was just another ordinary day for Bel Aire Elementary student Kendrell McDonald.

But, that ordinary day turned tragic after the 10 year old was accidentally run over by his school bus.

"All the children loved him, the teachers. Everybody loved him because he was a good person," said Kendrell's mother, Ahtavia McDonald.

Six years later, Coast Life Church in Gulfport is working to ensure his name and spirit continues to live in others. About 20 members of the church gave a makeover to a memorial garden at Bel Aire Elementary.

"When we heard there was a need here at Bel Aire to rework on their gardens, we just couldn't pass it up," said Rev. Dewayne Watson.

Volunteers from the church and the school also placed inspirational quotes in the hallways to welcome back students on Tuesday.

"His little life lives on in his school. It lives on in his community, it lives on in this garden. We haven't forgotten him. We love that little dude," said Watson.

Kendrell's family hopes the new garden will inspire others to keep up his legacy of good spirits.

"He was a very joyful person. So when everyone sees this garden, I want them to be happy and think happy thoughts because he was a happy person," said Ahtavia.

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