Moss Point mayor makes financial changes

Moss Point mayor makes financial changes

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Less than two months into the job, Moss Point Mayor Mario King is making some noticeable changes at City Hall.

"We have to be more fiscally responsible about how we're spending our taxpayers' money," said King.

King took office with a plan to eliminate wasteful spending. Nearing the end of the first phase of his plan, he's done just that, starting with simply understanding and adjusting where money is being spent.

"There's been checks that we have to pay our contractors and I'm ok with that," said King. "Our city is fiscally sound, however, I'm not ok with not knowing what services were rendered to write that check."

Another area King is tackling is where the city can save money that can be better spent elsewhere.

"Do a needs assessment on these types of things. Our cell phones, I know it's really, people are laughing it about we're going back to flip phones, but I take it very serious as a foundation where we can save some money. "

King says a smart phone costs the city about $47, while a flip phone costs just $19.

"When we have events like Wake the Dog, we have events like Christmas by the river, celebrations. Those things cost small amounts, $3,000 or $5,000, even to just advertise. We'll save that with the cell phones. "

Another issue - old and low lying pump stations that overflow when it rains and leave neighborhoods flooded.

"When it rains it becomes a little bit devastating for some of the areas in Moss Point. So one of the things we did receive this huge grant, $3.5 million, somewhere around there, to help elevate the lift stations. So we've gotta get those things in place.

King believes Moss Point is headed in the right direction, and says he is proud to help rejuvenate the River City.

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