Residents say raw sewage continues to overflow

Residents say raw sewage continues to overflow

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Months after initial complaints, residents of a Gautier neighborhood say raw sewage drainage is still persistent.

"We have sewage overflowing in our yard and I'm tired of it," said Carol Wess. "The smell is horrible. You hate to come out side and talk, you hate to open your mouth. Sitting on the porch is just unbearable," said Wess.

It's a problem Wess says occurs every time it rains.

"This is a good day because usually the entire road, my front yard, and my neighbor's yard are covered in raw sewage," Wess said.

She's not the only one on the road with the issues. Gautier City Councilman Casey Vaughan lives just a few doors down.

"We still have residents that have sewage coming out of their backflow preventer and their backflow check valve. Therefore if they're not able to use their home, the other residents aren't able to use their residence either," said Councilman Vaughan.

"We can't use anything. We can't wash clothes. We can't flush the toilets. You can take baths, but it's not gonna drain out," said Wess.

Councilman Vaughan tells WLOX that the city has tried to rectify some of the problems on the street by raising one of the main manholes, therefore stopping some of the water from coming out the top. However, it still hasn't eased the burden for a lot of the residents living on the road.

"Bemis Avenue houses all the sewage in the southern part of the city. So they felt raising the manhole cover would stop the manhole from overflowing into the ditch," said Vaughn.

But, there are possible plans to permanently take care of the problem.

"We found a grant that we have applied for that's very competitive. it's a $600,000 CDBG public facility grant," said Vaughan.

The city has hired Clear Water solutions to take care of the problem for now and are actively working to find a more permanent solution.

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