Contraband confiscated in MDOC shakedowns

Contraband confiscated in MDOC shakedowns

JACKSON, MS (WLOX) - Shakedowns have been going on at Mississippi Department of Corrections facilities all across the state under Operation Zero Tolerance. The shakedowns were started in March to slow the flow of contraband into MDOC facilities.

MDOC officials say half of the department's facilities have been searched. Work centers in Harrison and George counties were searched last week.

Several inmates in George County were cited for rules violations as a result of the search, according to a news release from MDOC. Officers seized nine cell phones, 23 charges, $268 in cash, tobacco, and hydrocodone tablets during the search.

"Now that we have reached the halfway mark in the number of facilities searched, these shakedowns have been revealing in some cases," Commissioner Pelicia E. Hall said. "For instance, they have reaffirmed to us the lengths in which inmates will go to hide contraband. They also have shown us, among other things, which facility is and is not practicing zero tolerance."

Hall said 36 MDOC facilities still need to be searched, and that will happen in the coming months.

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