Wet weather doesn't dampen first day at new Biloxi Junior High

Wet weather doesn't dampen first day at new Biloxi Junior High

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Jam Lane was jammed packed for the first day of school. at Biloxi Junior High.

Tiffani Dailey was the first in line.

"It's a wet day, but it's a great day," she said, gesturing toward her daughter. "She's happy the first day of school, and in a new school."

All students got a soaking before they soaked in the new environment. Some even arrived in style, thanks to limousines provided by Arbor Landing Apartments.

At first, a little direction was needed.

"I was excited, but I was nervous at the same time because I might get lost," said Victoria Jackson. "It's a big school, and I haven't been here before."

Officials were a little surprised at the smooth transition into the new school. Teachers spent a lot of time organizing classes.

As students became a little more oriented, the descriptions begin to flow.

"It's big and modern," said Bryson Dick.

The $35 million building has 195,000 square feet of space.

"It's amazing," said Cayden O'Neal. "It's new, so nothing really tarnished yet. Nothing really trashy."

It's so new, that the library shelves are not quite fully stocked. However, the band hall is now filled with eager musicians. The modern cafeteria is now filled with students hungry for more than a good education.

"I think this school is a statement," said principal Scott Powell. "It's a gift to the students and families in Biloxi, a tremendous learning environment. It hits you right in the face when you walk in the door."

To that, students say thank you.

"I feel the environment of the school will really affect how you learn," said Madeline Pitre. "Because, I mean, this new building will make a difference compared to an older one."

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