HCUA delays vote again on Gulfport's exit from solid waste contract

HCUA delays vote again on Gulfport's exit from solid waste contract

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The final decision about Gulfport's departure from the solid waste agreement with the county is on hold yet again.

On Thursday, a deal struck between attorneys for Gulfport, Harrison County Utility Authority and Team Waste was presented to the authority.

But although there was no vote, there was big progress that included the dropping of a lawsuit against the city and the utility authority.

It was a more amicable meeting between the city of Gulfport and the Harrison County Utility Authority. Just a small hang up with the cost that it could be to change the solid waste plan. It could be a little and it could be a lot. But, Gulfport has agreed to pay its share.

The adjustment to the county's plan is required by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality and would simply update the change of waste collection vendors by Gulfport as well as the county.

But some board members were afraid it would require a long and costly process, including public hearings.

Regardless, Gulfport and county officials say any extra administrative costs would not be passed on to the consumer. Officials will meet with MDEQ authorities, likely next week.

Gulfport satisfied most of the other concerns by the board, including debris tonnage to meet the city's contractual obligation to Team Waste, the company that operates the dump site.

In turn, Team Waste agreed to drop its lawsuit.

"I think all parties came out pretty well, given where we started," said Team Waste attorney Code Waters. "So, we're happy. We're not interested in litigation by any stretch, so we're very happy we were able to work this out."

"I thought it was premature anyway, the information we were providing would have put a lot of that to rest," he said. "So, I thought it was totally unnecessary. But, it's not always my call," said Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes.

The Utility Authority is scheduled to vote on Gulfport's plan at 9 a.m. Aug. 10.

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