New signs direct visitors around downtown Biloxi

New signs direct visitors around downtown Biloxi
These are temporary signs that will eventually be replaced with more durable, permanent signs. (Photo source: WLOX)
These are temporary signs that will eventually be replaced with more durable, permanent signs. (Photo source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Visitors to Biloxi will have an easier time finding local restaurants, historic sites, and attractions. That's because the Biloxi Main Street Association spent Wednesday morning posting dozens of "wayfinding" signs throughout the downtown district.

The group posted some 70 blue and white signs throughout downtown. They are designed to help direct tourists to area attractions and businesses.

"We have thousands and thousands of visitors who walk out and say, where are the things? What do I need to do? So today, we're putting up a very unique sign system to answer that question for our visitors," said Pat Wylie, with Biloxi Main Street.

The signs are posted throughout downtown Biloxi and near popular attractions like the lighthouse. They provide directional arrows, along with the estimated walking time to reach a particular destination.

"They don't know you can get to Patio 44 by just walking a couple of blocks. Or Half Shell or Sal and Mookie's. There's just a lot of great restaurants to go to and shops and the arts district. Bike rental. Baseball stadium. There's a lot of things we have to offer downtown," said Main Street Director Kay Miller.

Along with the arrows and walk times, the signs include QR codes that can be scanned by visitors with their smart phones, which then gives them a map of the area.

The QR codes on the signs will certainly be helpful to visitors. So many people rely on their smart phones to provide maps and other information about an area they're visiting.

"It tells me, two minutes, walk this way and then the QR code. My phone will actually take me there," said Biloxi historic administrator Bill Raymond, who helped post the new signs.

"We've got about 4,000 hotel rooms in just the downtown area. So, you think about how many tourists are walking around, some that have never been here before," said Miller.

The signs are temporary. Biloxi Main Street plans to replace them with permanent markers in the future.

When visitors scan those QR codes, that will also provide information to Biloxi Main Street. They'll be able to see which signs are being used the most, and how many visitors are viewing the various signs.

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