#LoveYourself: Do you think social media magnifies the problem of body shaming?

#LoveYourself: Do you think social media magnifies the problem of body shaming?

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - We're taking time all this week to look at the problem of body shaming, and how social media can magnify the problem.

Registered Dietitian Joanna McAdams and Thomas Broadus, Digital Strategy Director with The Focus Group, joined Meggan Gray in the studio for a Facebook Live discussion about the problem.

McAdams said she works with a lot of clients to lead a healthier lifestyle, and she says some are motivated by low self-esteem. But dealing with a weight issue is actually a common problem most of us will face during our lives. She said 95 percent of the population has to deal with managing their weight.

And just as many men as women have weight problems. McAdams said the one difference is most men tend to not have the same self-confidence issues many women have.

One viewer during our Facebook Live conversation, Bailey Smith, said, "If people were taught to turn jealousy into motivation then a lot of the 'bullying issue' (not all) would go away."

But another viewer, Joshua Schemm, felt the problem was much bigger.

"Idk about turning it into motivation that seems to be harder said than done," Schemm wrote. "Most bullying is ignored which we all know doesn't make it go away, it starts with parents & their approach to it, every parent needs to have zero toleration for bullying & let their children know about it."

What do you think? Watch the Facebook Live video above and add your comments to the conversation!

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