Biloxi tax abatement plan could spur Hwy 90 residential development

Biloxi tax abatement plan could spur Hwy 90 residential development

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Vacant lots line Hwy 90 in Biloxi. Now City Councilman Kenny Glavan is pushing for a plan he hopes will bring homes to those lots.

"It's time to see if we can do something to remove those for sale signs and put some homes up on the beach front," said Glavan.

Glavan believes a way to start moving those for sale properties is with tax abatements, or tax incentives for people to buy and build homes on vacant lots along Hwy. 90.

"Some of the barriers to development certainly is the high cost of whether it's building because of elevation or because of insurance cost," Glavan said. "This is probably a way to break down some of those barriers."

Glavan is looking to the neighboring city of Gulfport for an example of how to use tax abatements. Gulfport Economic Development Director David Parker said since passing abatements two years ago, construction has started on 41 homes in the areas designated for the tax abatements in Gulfport.

"There's homes being built along their beach front and it wasn't being built until they passed a similar ordinance and measure," Glavan said. "I think the interest with the city council would be to achieve the same thing."

An update on the possibility of a tax abatement program for residential developments will be presented at Tuesday's Biloxi City Council meeting.

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