Ducks celebrated at Audubon Center

Ducks celebrated at Audubon Center

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - A celebration of all things ducks happened at the Pascagoula Audubon Center on Saturday.

During Duck Day, people had the chance to learn about everything duck related from the local Duck Unlimited Chapter. There, members taught the importance of duck calls, and the role ducks play in their natural habitat.

Chairman of the local Ducks Unlimited, Dustin Faggard, says it's a great way to inspire the new generation.

"We try our best to educate everybody we can especially kids. it's good to get them interested long and that's our next generation of duck hunters and conservationist to give back to the ducks," said Faggard.

Organizers say they'll continue to have educational days in the future.

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