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Moss Point High School student became a top flight billiards player by watching YouTube


17-year-old Shannon Lewis, a student at Moss Point High School, has become a well-rounded billiards player.  His dad took him to play at a local pool hall in Pascagoula and that's all it took for Lewis to get hooked.

Lewis said, "We went one night and I got into the game and then we starting going three, four nights a week and then we bought a table and he could only teach me so much and then I took it into my own hands."

So, what did Shannon do, that enhanced his billiards play?

"I started watching YouTube, different people play, Mike Massey,  Efren Reyes, "stated Lewis.  "I took it to my ability and I learned it myself."

Dennis Stotler, a local American Cue Sports national referee, says Lewis has become a dynamic billiards competitor, while competing in the ACS League.

Stotler said, "He qualified through league play to play in the Billiards Education Foundation National Junior Nine Ball Tournament in Las Vegas, the first through the fifth of August."

If Lewis excels in Vegas, he'll get a shot to compete in the World Tournament in Europe.

Lewis said, "I want to exceed my goals.  I don't what to set a goal and just get to it.  I want to go past and succeed."

Lewis is passionate about billiards and puts in the time to become a top flight competitor playing between 500 to 600 games a week.

"I want to know the game, learn the game, "Lewis said.  " I love the game.  There's no stopping me from what I want to learn."

You won't find Shannon Lewis behind the 8-ball in Vegas.  He's is aiming to be the best.

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