Harvey Enjoying Life After Football

One coast NFL star you won't see on the field this fall is Pascagoula's Richard Harvey. However, he's not out of football all together. In fact, Harvey's got a pretty good gig for himself with at his alma Mater Tulane. We're used to seeing him on patrol looking for a running back to nail.in the backfield. For 11 years, he played linebacker, and played it well for the Bills, Saints, Raiders, and Chargers. However, those days in the trenches are now behind him. Richard has moved on. He's still in football, but now he's an assistant athletic director at Tulane. His main focal point is creating a wave of Greenie interest here on the coast along with former Tulane stud quarterback Terrance Jones. Harvey has another project on the burner. His upcoming three-day football camp for anyone who either straps on the pads or wears a coaches headset. That will take place from June 28-30th.