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Local Casino Adds New Poker Parlor

Welcome to the Poker Parlor in the Palace Casino believed by some to be one of the best poker rooms on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and they aren't bluffing.

"I think it's gorgeous. I think we needed this. It's beautiful. It's comfortable. It's quiet. Well, it's not quiet today because we got so much action. But it's a wonderful room," said Sue Taranto of Biloxi.

"We've always had requests for a poker room, and they decided that with the amount of request that they had that it would be a great amenity to the casino," said Poker Parlor manager Keith Ezykowich.

A small group of guests gathered in the elegant, hard redwood poker room, to celebrate its official grand opening.

Unlike the surrounding casino floor, this is a non-smoking room, and it is totally enclosed - keeping out all of the casino noise.

"What you hear in here is just poker," said Ezykowich.

And that's all Al Glidden of Biloxi wants to hear.

He has played this game for about 45 years, and he doesn't see himself folding anytime soon.

"Poker is a game I guess just like basketball or football. And it's the idea of winning. Anything you do you try to win. But poker you are playing with money. It ain't a golf ball. It's interesting. It's fun. You have to have luck. I don't care how much experience you have, you have to have luck," said Glidden.

And he think he has found this luck here in what he calls a "poker palace".

"I have found me a new home. Let's put it that way," said Glidden.

The Poker Parlor is now open on the second floor of the Palace Casino.

By Karla Redditte

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