City leaders from around MS are on the coast

City leaders from around MS are on the coast

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - City leaders from every corner of the state have converged on the coast for the 86th annual Mississippi Municipal League Convention.

The theme of this year's Mississippi Municipal League meeting is signs of a successful city.  We just wrapped up city elections around the state, and the theme could be dealing with new faces and new ideas.

Hundreds of elected officials, mayors, council members, and representatives of boards of aldermen come together every year to discuss the issues facing Mississippi cities. The state's Municipal League represents 295 cities, towns, and villages.

Economic development, budgeting, grant writing, and fiscal topics usually dominate the conference. In 2017, the talk centers on how city elections produced record turn over. There are more than 90 new mayors in Mississippi this year.

"The big story is we just had municipal elections and probably had about a 35 percent turnover. For us, here at our conference, this is a time when we're meeting with new elected officials and give them some training and tools to get them acclimated to their new role," said MML Executive Director Shari Veazey.

The biggest issue facing cities today is infrastructure, with a focus and water and sewerage.

The annual conference ends on Wednesday.

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