MGCCC professor gets emotional about science after dentist visit

MGCCC professor gets emotional about science after dentist visit

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Most patients tend to get a little loopy while coming out of anesthesia. Some go straight to sleep. Others say and do things in their bewildered state that make for hilarious homemade videos.

That was the case for Lynn Zimmerman, a biology professor at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College's Jackson County Campus.

Zimmerman's daughter, Shera Moran, said her father set up a camera to record when he picked up his wife after having a dental procedure. What happened next has Zimmerman's family, friends, and former students rolling with laughter.

"She's really, really passionate about the environment and recycling," said Moran. "She's never been put under anesthesia in her life. She was concerned with how her procedure would go."

In the video, the 18-year teaching veteran makes clear her passion for nature, specifically trees.

"They're so sweet," Zimmerman says through sobs. "It's so sweet. The photons bringing down the light and converting it for energy, and then we get oxygen. That's so sweet."

Moran said her mother doesn't remember anything after the "twilight medicine," but watching the video gave her a good laugh.

The video Moran posted to Facebook has been viewed more than 6,000 times and has garnered dozens of comments.

"You know you're a science teacher when you cry about the beauty of oxygen and how people don't appreciate it," said one commenter.

"She has the sweetest spirit, I swear! She's a doll! I appreciate the rain and oxygen more already just due to her compassion!" said another.

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