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Math Mistake Could Add Up Big For Keesler

The physical condition of Keesler's Medical Center scored zero out of a possible 12.5 in the Air Force evaluation. That caught the attention of a staff member in Congressman Gene Taylor's office, who started doing some math of his own.

"It moved it from way at the bottom to right in the middle. We think based on that, number one, it's an admission they did hasty work."

Biloxi's liaison to the Brac commission, Retired General Clark Griffith says, "His logic told him 'my goodness, they're out there doing heart surgery just about every day, so the building can't be that bad.' So he got into the weeds of the numbers and sure enough they made a pretty gross error."

General Griffith hopes the error will weigh in the medical center's favor when the BRAC commission meets next week in New Orleans.

BRAC is targeting the facility for realignment meaning doing away with overnight hospital stays and turning it into an outpatient clinic.

"If you're going to determine military value of a medical center, you start with health care. They gave the highest percentage to the age, the condition of the building. It doesn't make sense, start with health care," Griffith says.

"They really did not think this thing through because Keesler is an excellent hospital," Taylor adds.

The Congressman and the General say the higher score places Keesler in a stronger position with the commission.

"The only thing that can happen to us now is this BRAC commission can take us off the list and that's what we're really shooting for," Griffith says.

We tried to contact Keesler Commander General William Lord. He is out of town until next week. The BRAC commission will hold its regional meeting on Friday, July 22nd in New Orleans.

byMarcia Hill

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