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Neighbors Say Neglected Swimming Pool A Safety Hazard

A concerned mother from North Gulfport called WLOX News to complain about a neighborhood eyesore and safety hazard.

She says she is most worried about a neglected swimming pool that could be tragic for curious children.

Dilapidated buildings and a neglected swimming pool are a neighborhood nuisance on Texas Avenue.

"It's been like that for three, four or five years. Something like that," said Debbie Breland, who lives across the street from the problem pool.

"I think they need to clean that pool up because of the mosquitoes and the virus going on. The kids, or anybody could get the virus from it," Breland said.

The nasty water is made worse now that the pool has become a dumping spot. And while a fence surrounds the pool, there's a gap large enough for an adult to easily fit through.

The adjoining building has its own code enforcement concerns. Once a community library, the inside is now in shambles.

"It's a mess. It is a mess. I don't know when they're going to clean it up. They built that center there and they should have tore this stuff down," said neighbor Mildred Douglas.

The pool and abandoned buildings are owned by the Good Deeds Association. That citizens group owns the land where the county-owned Good Deeds Center is built on across the street.

There have been attempts to rid the community of this problem. Just two years ago, WLOX News did a story here about a fund raiser. People in the community wanted to raise money to improve the swimming pool and reopen it to the public, making it an asset rather than an eyesore.

"Tear it down. And cover the pool over, because of all these mosquitoes and stuff," said Douglas.

Building official Ron Jones told WLOX News code enforcement crews will check out the pool for safety's sake. Council member Ella Holmes Hines took it a step further, promising the pool will be drained and fence repaired this week.

Holmes-Hines says the Good Deeds Community Association has tried to maintain the property. She says the group faces an ongoing problem with vandalism and theft. For instance, she says new doors recently installed on one of the buildings, were stolen.

By Steve Phillips

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