Pascagoula leaders consider changing city logo

Pascagoula leaders consider changing city logo
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PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - There is a little known fact about the logo that's represented the Flagship City for years.

"These are the flags that represent Pascagoula, and they actually spell out the word Pascagoula, and a lot of people don't know that,* said Mayor Dane Maxwell.

Recent talks of changing the well-known fixture is causing quite the stir on social media. But, Maxwell wants to debunk some of the rumors about what the board plans to do.

"We're not coming in and changing the logo, we're just asking for input. We're not spending any money on it....we aren't going to. This is just one of the 47 action items I brought in with me from the campaign," Maxwell said.

Still, many are upset at the gesture for input. Some of the posts slam the new board for putting efforts into aesthetics, and not pressing issues like infrastructure. But the mayor says that's simply not the case.

"This is just a small fraction of what we've discussed. All of this council has been working on road paving, re-striping, bringing new businesses, Market Street. That's our priority, not this," Maxwell said.

Residents out and about Saturday around Pascagoula were split on the topic, but not as pressed about the debate. For some, it's the heritage associated with the current logo that makes them reluctant to part from it.

"When you look at Pascagoula you always think of the flagship. So, I think they should leave it," said Sharon Lett.

But others believe it may be time for change.

"I think there are times in any city or any organizations when the image may need a fresh update," said Don Vardell.

Maxwell says the city plans to put out a poll to see if citizens want to re-brand and go from there. Once the results are calculated the board will either take the next steps find a new design for the logo, or drop it from their list of to-dos.

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