Business People Wonder If Eight Flags Will Affect Profit

Some business people are hoping that when the eight flags display goes back up in Harrison County their sales revenues don't go down. On Monday, the Board of Supervisors voted to once again fly the eight flags including the controversial battle flag on the beach off Debuys Road. Now some of the people against the flag are discussing a possible boycott.

Alabama tourist Washington Capers says a confederate battle flag flying over the Mississippi Gulf Coast won't keep him from returning.

"If it's there for history. To say succession from this period to this period to that period then no not at all," said Capers.

However some of the callers to a local radio show say the battle flag shouldn't be included in the display because they say it is historically incorrect and a racist symbol.

James Crowell of the Biloxi NAACP said "Certainly on the local level if I had the power to say let's do some economic sanctions I would do that. But I have to bow down to the national office and of course get their permission to do that"

Because there are strong emotions on both sides of the eight flags controversy, it seems to have driven a wedge in the coast community. So now that the eight flags is officially going back up. Some business owners are wondering if that wedge is deep enough to impact the coast economically

Businessman Charles Cartee said "I think most people are interested in economic development and the growth in this area, and I don't see this impacting negative in this area."

"I think it presents the wrong kind of image of the people I know and work with on the Coast, and I think that this foolishness just has to stop at some point," said Robert Simmons.

The flags display is scheduled to be back up in the next 30 days.

by Danielle Thomas