Waveland Residents Express Concerns Over Proposed Condo Development

Some people in Waveland have yanked away the welcome mat for a condo developer who wants to build in their neighborhood.

The New Orleans developer has proposed putting 240 condominiums units about six blocks from the beach on Sears Avenue in the Sundance subdivision.

Paul and Carolyn Hollister moved to Waveland five years ago for a quiet safe place to retire. They don't want condos across the street from their home.

"The infrastructure in this area is poor to pitiful now. When it rains, we flood, we have sewerage problems. The traffic leading to the area where these condos would be built would be horrendous and the streets can't handle them. We can barely pass each other now," Carolyn Hollister said.

Janice Quirk has other concerns.

"We love Waveland. The people are very friendly, very welcoming. We like this idea that we had a family community and then all of a sudden we find out they want to change it into a multi-family type situation," Quirk said.

"Everybody, when you hear condo, it's like, 'Oh my God, this skyscraper is coming.' This is very low impact, three story, blends in with the area," the developer's representative, David Moynan said.

Moynan believes the condos will enhance the neighborhood with their Key West feel and high end amenities.

He said the plans include widening some of the narrow streets, which would answer critics' concerns about traffic. And they need a zoning change, from single family residential to multi-family.

Neighbor Richard Graham says he's willing to listen, for now.

"It could have a positive and a negative impact, and probably like most things will have a little of both."

The pluses and minuses will be debated before the Planning Commission later this month. The public hearing is scheduled for July 25th at 6pm at the Waveland City Hall Annex Building on Coleman Avenue.

by Al Showers