Hotel industry sees mixed bag for Biloxi bookings

Hotel industry sees mixed bag for Biloxi bookings

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Star Inn owner Jay Patel has had his "Vacancy" sign lit for most of the summer.

"We had a little slow start this summer. It has more to do with the weather," said Patel.

He says 2017 bookings have been noticeably fewer than last year.

"Last weekend was alright, and the next coming weekends look okay," noted Patel.

However, just down the street at the Flamingo Beach Inn, owner Jean Csansena says July has been his best month all year.

"I have two, three rooms left and that's it. I guess it's the economy and a lot of people, tourists came here," said Csansena.

According to, hotels in Biloxi are nearly completely booked for the next several weekends at 81 and 75 percent.

"Oh, the summer's been great. It's actually better than last year," said Barbara Weiter of the Edgewater Inn. "We've had four or five completely sold out weekends where we've had to turned the sign on and that's always a good sign," added Weiter.

Patel blamed some of his vacancies on the rainy weather and tropical storm Cindy, but Weiter says she saw no impact

"I'm surprised that it hasn't. As bad as the weather was during Scrapin' the Coast, it didn't seem to have any effect what so ever," she said.

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