Pascagoula achieves new fire rating

Pascagoula achieves new fire rating

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - The city of Pascagoula just joined the ranks of 14 other cities in the state with its brand new fourth class fire rating. Since the last time the city was rated in 2010, the department has made vast improvements.

Fire Chief Donald Carlson says the rating bureau looked at several factors including the water supply system, equipment, and of course training

"They want to know that the people that are driving the actual fire apparatus have driver operator certification, fire officers have fire certification," he said.

Besides meaning the city is that much safer, the new rating could translate into lower insurance premiums for homeowners.

"It's going to reduce their fire premiums. But you know at the end of the day, you want the best responding to your house in your time of need. So it's important for them to know that we're very capable and very well trained."

Chief Carlson said they're already looking ahead to getting a third class rating, but believes that will take a lot more from the city.

"Realistically, for us to go from a four to a three we would have to have some type of training facility here. It's just getting the city on board and getting the council on board to try and find the funding to get us to that class three."

For now, the fire department is proud of their accomplishment

"We're motivated every day. We love coming to work. The guys are motivated on a daily basis; I'm not worried about that."

Other cities in the state with fourth class ratings include Hattiesburg, Meridian, and Tupelo.

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