Light finally up and running at dangerous intersection

Light finally up and running at dangerous intersection

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The long-awaited traffic light at East Taylor Rd. and Hwy. 605 is now fully operational. Gulfport finished the project Thursday. Drivers are happy to see progress at the dangerous intersection.

"It's wonderful. I don't know why it took so long. We really needed it here. I've seen so many accidents," one motorist said.

That is the overwhelming consensus among motorists now that the stoplight is up and running. Dozens of accidents and hundreds of complaints from businesses in the area and drivers who use this busy corridor forced Gulfport to make the decision to install a traffic light.

City crews put the finishing touches on the electronic mechanisms and put up pedestrian cross walk signs Thursday. Over at Coastal Sinus and Allergy Center, employees were delighted to see the light finally operational and danger minimized.

"I love it. I couldn't have wanted anything more. This is going to be very safe for us now, finally," according to a woman at the allergy center.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation was not fully supportive of the plan, so Gulfport  absorbed the cost in the interest of public safety. People in the neighborhood resorted to drastic measures to avoid the intersection.

"I always went to the light down there. I'd cut through and go to the next light. That's how dangerous that was here. You were afraid," said a motorist.

There is a traffic light about 300 yards north at the intersection of Brentwood and 605. Gulfport is synchronizing the two lights so they will both be either red or green at the same time to make sure traffic flows smoothly.

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