Train collision survivor recalls frightening experience

Train collision survivor recalls frightening experience

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - One man is lucky to be alive after his car collided with a train just days ago.

"Just happy to be alive. I felt blessed. There was a good chance that I was about to die," said Brendan Ferrer.

Ferrer looks at what used to be his car and where he could have potentially taken his last breath. Just days ago, he found himself behind the wheel right on the tracks in the path of an oncoming train.

"Right before it hit the car, I heard the horn blow, and next thing I know, I was sitting on the side of the railroad watching the back of a train driving by," Ferrer recalled.

What could have possibly lead to the accident happening? Ferrer says he was leaving the mall heading home.

"There's a road closed to through traffic sign due to all the construction work on the road, so you actually have to go down it to get to my road," said Ferrer.

He says he pulled up to the stop sign before the tracks on Seal Ave. and proceeded normally.

"Look to my right, look to my left. Didn't see anything, didn't hear anything. There's a little bit of shrubbery had grown out over the ditch partially blocking the view of the tracks."

The train hit the front side of his car, pushing him several feet away from the point of impact.

"The pole caught my car right here and helped stop me from going off into the ditch," Ferrer said.

Now, he's just thankful that he's alive and was able to walk away from the crash. The only injury he bears is a scar in the shape of the cars logo after the airbag deployed.

"It could have been a lot worse. I could have been paralyzed. I could have been killed. So many other outcomes could have happened besides what I walked away with."

The Seal Ave. crossing has a railroad crossing sign, but no bells, lights, or crossing arms that can pose as a warning to drivers who may cross the tracks.

City leaders say in the past they've expressed concerns about the need for more warning signals at the crossing, but they say that all falls in the hands of CSX and MDOT.

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