Biloxi Police officers reflect on first year spent with the department

Biloxi Police officers reflect on first year spent with the department

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A group of Biloxi police officers who've been on the job for one year reflect on the biggest challenges they've faced and looked to the future.

When Rodgerick Wiggins was in elementary school he knew what he wanted to do with his life and today he's doing it.

"It's just the dream come true," Wiggins said. "I'm in my home doing what I want to do protecting the people and making sure my own home stays great."

Wiggins has just completed his first full year with the Biloxi Police Department. He and Ashleigh Pack were part of a training class just getting in the door last year. Now all eleven in that class are active members of the police force.

"I think it says a lot for the department," Pack said. "The department is very supportive of its officers."

It's been a year of learning for the rookie officers and they've learned with the bad can also come good.

"We got a call about a welfare concern for a child, that child's mother needed some serious help with drug issues involved and we were able to get that child out of that situation and put him with a family member," Pack said. "So that was a good feeling at the end of the day to know that he wasn't still living in that situation."

The officers have also learned how to react on a daily basis with someone dealing with their worst day.

"You have to be able to lift them up and at least carry them on so they can get to the next step, either get help or making sure you're taking care of them," Wiggins said. "If someone's house is broken into, you've got to be able to offer them support."

Now the police department needs more recruits like Pack and Wiggins who have some advice for newcomers.

"Remind yourself every day that you're here to protect and serve people," Wiggins said.

You can find more information on becoming a police officer with the Biloxi Police Department on the City of Biloxi's human resources page:

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