Murder Suspect Sent Back To Mississippi, Victim's Friends Relieved

The sight of Roger Ewing in chains is something Evelyn Ewing's old friends have been waiting two years to see.

"Yeah, I definitely think he did this to her," Kenna Elbin says.

Elbin worked with Evelyn Ewing for four years at Singing River Elementary. Elbin says she always knew something wasn't right in the Ewing home.

"Things that we knew that happened during the school years when they were married. We all kind of thought, well, maybe she's not in the best situation, but she was a very private person and didn't share those things with very many people," Elbin says.

A little too much privacy is what made Joanne Wavra believe Ewing was a victim of abuse.

"A domestic abuse situation is what we summized. It's what we could tell," Pascagoula School Elementary Education Director Joanne Wavra says.

Evelyn Ewing's body was found at her old home on Mid-Way Street in Gautier in March of 2003. Ewing's friends say her death has affected the community greatly. They say Gautier kids lost a wonderful teacher.

"She was a kindergarten teacher, very caring, very warm, very lovely lady," Singing River Elementary Principal Frank Catchings says.

"She's not a person you forget," Elbin says.

And over the last two years, during Roger Ewing's disappearance, they never forgot.

"It crossed everyone's mind constantly because of the fact that he was on the run and it wasn't closed," Catchings says.

"We knew that the police were working, we knew they were looking, we knew they were following up on leads. We wanted him instantly found," Elbin says.

And now that's Ewing's been caught, Evelyn's friends hope for justice.

"I hope he's well punished and a judge gives him everything he can give him," Elbin says.