Confident Girls workshop inspires teens to be their best

Confident Girls workshop inspires teens to be their best

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - About a dozen teenage girls crowded into Labella's Salon in Gulfport for an afternoon of discussion about various topics affecting their age group.

"Our young clients, they sit in our chairs, and they tell us a lot about their lives," said Julia Green, salon owner. "We get to hear everything that's going on."

Green felt compelled to host the event after hearing about the many challenges teenage girls face.

"We want them to feel good about themselves and we know hair and makeup is a big part of it too, but they need to be encouraged. They need to be motivated and really be inspired by us," said Green.

The young ladies say body shaming and online bullying are an everyday occurrence amongst their peers.

"Kids our age are mostly self-conscious about our weight, and stuff like that. So it's good if we help each other out and say how pretty we are and stuff," said Taylor Hopgood.

Shamya Green says social media inflames already difficult situations.

"I think that's a big issue because social media has a big impact on girls, and boys too," said Shamya. "Sometimes when girls don't get enough attention on social media....they're not accepted," said Green.

The speakers discussed subjects like health and fitness,  proper social media usage, and dealing with emotions. All were topics the girls say they can identify with.

"They might not have confidence, and if they come here they might gain some...and show respect," said Khyla Ragins.

Those who attended say its a lesson everyone their age needs to hear.

"I think it's important for us to get this kind of lesson because it's so many girls out there that are not comfortable in their bodies, and that need a little push and motivation to be confident in their bodies," said Gylbreon Allen. "Because we're all different in our own ways."

Green hopes to host the event annually.

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