Canal Road in Harrison reopened after crash

Canal Road in Harrison reopened after crash

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Canal Road in Harrison County is back open after a wreck blocked both lanes Sunday morning.

The two-vehicle crash happened around 7:45 a.m., just south of Interstate 10.

Colby Wilson is still in shock after seeing the crash.

"As I walk two steps over, there's car flipping in the air about 10 -12 feet off the ground. She flips from back there, all the way over, hits the ditch and then goes over there," Wilson recalled.

Wilson immediately sprang into action, coming to the aid of both drivers.

"My first thing is to see if they're ok. I run over there to see if they're alright. They're said yeah and they're alright, walking around. So I go over to see if this lady's ok so I go over here to see if this lady's ok and she's stuck in the car and there's nothing I can do for her."

The sedan so mangled, the driver was trapped inside.

"The door caved in on her. She couldn't move. Her hand was hanging out the window and her head was hanging out the window," said Wilson.

The victim was flown to an area hospital be treated for serious injuries. A second person involved in the crash had only minor injuries and did not need medical treatment.

Harrison County Fire Chief, Pat Sullivan says the set up of Canal Road makes speeding even more dangerous.

"The problem in the county is that there are narrow roads. You have trees on both sides of ditches. An example of this is when she lost control she was in the ditch. She started rolling and started overturning and it caused a major problem," said Sullivan.

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