Protesters speak out against health care repeal

Protesters speak out against health care repeal

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Dozens gathered in front USM Gulf Park Campus on Saturday to voice their opinions about the future of the Affordable Care Act.

People of all races, ages, and gender came out to say "No" to a repeal. Protesters say they fear the proposed bill will make things harder on those who already struggle to pay for health care.

"We're out here today to uphold the Affordable [Care] Act, and to protest the senate's bill that will take away from pretty much all of us who are standing here right now," said Rachel Ramsey.

Martha D' Aquila was one of the many faces in the crowd.

"Twenty-three million people kicked off of health care is a terrible tragedy," said D'Aquila. "We're gonna have a whole lot of people who are gonna suffer from that."

The grandmother says it was important to bring her grandchildren to the protest so they could understand the impact the repeal could have on their lives.

"We just wanted them to see that generations are affected, I'm affected. They're gonna be affected and their parents are gonna be affected," said D'Aquila.

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