Pass Christian undergoing big changes

Pass Christian undergoing big changes
$35 million harbor helping bring money to Pass Christian
$35 million harbor helping bring money to Pass Christian

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Mayor Chipper McDermott has been helping the city of Pass Christian grow and rebuild since Hurricane Katrina.

In some places, that means a complete overhaul using grants from FEMA and other agencies.

"Everything there is new in the infrastructure and that's the most important thing is to get that set," McDermott said. "Then we got the buildings, and we got a new harbor. That new harbor is $35 million, nobody's built a harbor in 50 or 60 years."

First time in 70 years, businesses like Hotel Whiskey and Hotel Pass Christian are part of the Pass Christian landscape.

"Hotels bring people down here," said Hotel Pass Christian owner Jourdan Nicaud, "People can stay for a longer period of time. And the longer amount of time they stay here, the more money they can spend in the community; the more they can be here and enjoy our community."

Casey Duplantier has owned property in Pass Christian since the early 70s. He's excited about the growth in the city.

"Oh it's great, we love the charm of the city," said Duplantier, "It's just a beautiful place. It's great to come close to the water. Some of the places they've added, a great little coffee shop up the road, some great restaurants in town."

It's that charm that McDermott says keeps people coming back to the city.

"We have an 11-room hotel that opened back in January, and this is a 10-room hotel," McDermott said. "That's big for us. That is big for us because if people stay an extra day, that's more money."

According to McDermott, the growth will continue as long as the opportunity is there.

"We will just make small gradual moves," McDermott said, "We've got a drug store coming that's being built for us right now. That's big for us downtown."

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