New construction at GHS should be ready by start of term

New construction at GHS should be ready by start of term

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - As the new buildings go up, the main building from 1965 is the last to go at the Gulfport High School campus.

When school starts on Aug. 8, some orientation time may be needed.

"Even the students that left in May, when they come back, the campus the layout will look totally different," said Principal Michael Lindsey. "Courtyards where there used to be buildings. It'll be a little bit of an adjustment for everybody."

Lindsey says the six-year project has been a test for administrators, teachers and students. But, everyone has pitched in to help.

"They did it and had a great attitude," Lindsey said. "I think everybody was excited about the end product that we'll have coming in August."

The demolition of the last building in the project represents the future of the Gulfport High School campus. It also represents the end of what was.

There's some nostalgia mixed in for those people who spent a lot of time in the building.

Athletic Director Bryan Caldwell was a member of the first graduating class at Gulfport High School in 1978. He rescued a sign in the main building, which documented the construction of the old Gulfport East High School before crews began to take it down.

"It's a mix of emotions," Caldwell said. "We're so proud of everything that's going on at Gulfport High with the new construction and the dreams that are being realized. But at the same time, you just have to be a little bit sad what was your old high school being hauled off one dump truck load at a time."

Lindsey says the school was built with flexibility and built on programs that already established and successful. A public ribbon cutting ceremony is planned for Oct. 14.

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