Local Fitness Trainer Steven Jackson helping others

Local Fitness Trainer Steven Jackson helping others

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - On most mornings around 10:15 fitness trainer Steven Jackson is at work on the beach in front of the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.

He has a willingness to help others after he experienced a life changing event.

Jackson said, "I had a bad journey in the hospital. I had ulcers at the age of twenty-one.  So, when I had those ulcers at the age of twenty-one, it was a life or death for me."

After Jackson recovered from his ulcer attack and was released from the hospital, he made a decision to achieve a healthier lifestyle by getting in-shape and eating the right foods.

Jackson became a fitness trainer and has developed his own program for men and women.

"I come out here with a whole new game plan because at first I didn't want people to get like, it's boring, "said Jackson.  "So, I added these new things and a lot of people say this makes it so much more great, makes it so much fun.  So, I'm going to continue to develop it."

Seven weeks ago Serenity Moudy of St. Martin decided she wanted to get back in-shape.  She says she doesn't mind training on the sand on a hot summer morning.

Moudy said, "It's all mental really.  It feels like it's physical at the time.  It's all in your head."

Mariana Canales of D'Iberville agrees.

"I didn't think I could work out on the beach, but I actually did it., "stated Canales.  "I did it a few times.  It's a workout, you sweat more too.  So, the more the better."

Jackson also competes in Mixed Martial Arts and trains at Alan Belcher MMA Club in D'Iberville.   He's 3 and 2 as an amateur and hopes to turn professional.

Jackson also faced the bright lights in the movie industry.  He will appear in three scenes in a Cuba Gooding Jr. movie, Louisiana Caviar, described as a New Orleans thriller.

Jackson said, "They called me up and I got the role.  I got on the set.  Pretty much went through the whole process.  It was a little never racking, but it's not as nerve racking as going into a fight."

Jackson says Louisiana Caviar should be released at theater's in 2018.

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