With traffic lights not complete, wrecks common at Gulfport intersection

With traffic lights not complete, wrecks common at Gulfport intersection

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A wreck at the intersection of Cowan-Lorraine Road and East Taylor Road sent multiple people to the hospital, one in serious condition on Wednesday.

People who work near the intersection say not only are accidents a common sight, they can be prevented.

"It's just preventable, and I guess that's my thing in medicine; we're always to prevent injuries and prevent problems," said Dr. Angela Wingfield. "We're sitting here trying to prevent someone from dying at this intersection."

Wingfield owns the Dermatology Clinic on East Taylor Road, right next to the intersection. She says wrecks are a weekly occurrence.

"We have usually at least one serious wreck a week," Wingfield said, "We're talking about jaws of life, like serious, not just a fender bender."

Last week crews installed traffic lights at the intersection, but as of Wednesday, those lights remain covered in plastic.

Sgt. Josh Bromen with the Gulfport Police Department says crashes at the intersection typically happen because people are trying to cross without paying attention to both sides of the road.

"People are putting convenience first, and now you have six people who were injured today by a decision," said Bromen, "These aren't accidents, we talk about it all the time. They're collisions."

Bromen says it doesn't matter how many traffic lights they put up if people aren't going to be cautious when they're driving.

"Everybody is real excited about these lights, but we can put traffic control devices up day in and day out," he said, "Ultimately it's up to the drivers to decide how they're going to handle these situations."

But for people who live or work near the intersection, the traffic light is big step in the right direction.

"I think it's going to help tremendously," said Wingfield, "It's going to slow the traffic down because everyone is speeding right here, and it's going to give the people who are trying to turn a chance to safely do it so they're not just taking a chance and going."

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