George County school vandalized; district, police search for culprits

George County school vandalized; district, police search for culprits
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GEORGE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - While school district leaders work to clean up the mess at LT Taylor Intermediate School, they're asking the community for help in finding the culprits, and help funding repairs.

Just one day after celebrating a holiday, the clean up process is extensive. Those lending the hand are working to figure out what can be fixed and what needs to be replaced.

One of the first things Principal Debora Joiner noticed was a defaced flag.

"To walk right in the very next day and see someone had done this to the flag is disheartening," said Principal Debora Joiner.

Joiner isn't sure how the vandals got inside. The suspects left walls plastered with black spray paint. Things like new whiteboards are now destroyed.

"It breaks my heart," said District Superintendent Pam Touchard.

But thanks to leaders, the hallways are freshly cleaned after being littered with food from the cafeteria; the bathrooms free of mess.

"They defecated in urinals, and different things, and it sat in the seat overnight," Joiner said.

District leaders say finding the culprits shouldn't be too difficult. Cameras in every hallway roll even when school's not in session.

"What kids don't realize is when they do this vandalism, this costs money to fix," Touchard said.

It's a deep hit for a school that's spent the last decade climbing from failing to a B rating.

"They have raised so high, the teachers put their hearts and souls into these children and then to have this happen," Touchard said.

Administrators say beyond finding out who vandalized the building, they hope to hold suspects accountable by taking corrective measures and getting them the help they need.

Instead of building a playground, the district is now left with an estimated $20,000 in repairs and replacements.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Lucedale Police or the George County School District.

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