Pensacola Residents Relieved To Have Less Damage Than Expected

Cleanup crews hit the streets of Pensacola Monday morning to clear away any debris Dennis left behind. Lots of smiles were proof that the work wasn't as hard as everyone thought it would be.

"It's a blessing," one worker said.

A blessing because Dennis stormed in, but left Pensacola in one piece.

"You wonder what do we have hanging over us that's bringing all of the storms this way," Gulf Breeze Resident Anne Edwards asked.

Edwards says the last minute jog to the east made all the difference.

"We just knew we were going to get hit. We kept praying for a little relief to the east, not wishing it upon anybody else. But we got that little bit of relief, what, an hour before the storm hit? We were actually saved."

Casey Coco was saved too from having to help his family rebuild parts of their Gulf Breeze home Ivan tore off ten months ago.

"All of these walls were down and gone. The garage door was busted out. We actually found the garage door pinned out back with a dock in it. Dennis was just wind and rain. It wasn't anything big."

For Edwards, it was a nice surprise.

"It was like sweet relief when I came home. This is nothing compared to Ivan."