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Pensacola Residents Relieved Dennis Was No Ivan

Pieces of Dennis's tantrum cover the garage floor in the Coco family's Gulf Breeze home. Casey Coco and his sister spent all day Monday clearing it out.

"My mom's making sure the business is okay. I've got to do something for the house. Dennis was just wind and rain. It wasn't anything big,"Coco said.

But he and his family went into this hurricane with the memory of what Ivan left behind.

"All of these walls were down and gone. The garage door was busted out. We actually found the garage door pinned out back with a dock in it." 

Anne Edwards too has nightmares of last year's storm.

"We were pretty devastated with Ivan. We lost most of our dock. We had about 10 feet of water underneath our house. Everything you see here that we've built back were all gone," Edwards said.

When Dennis was swirling in the gulf, punching winds up to 140 mph, and heading their way, Edwards prepared and prayed for a little miracle.

"We just knew we were going to get hit. We kept praying for a little relief to the east, not wishing it upon anybody else. But we got that little bit of relief, what, an hour before the storm hit? We were actually saved." 

Picking up tree limbs is all Edwards has to do to fully wash Dennis away.

"We'll probably forget about him."

By Jaimee Goad

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