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Local Red Cross Workers Helping With Dennis Relief

Most people run from a storm, Red Cross volunteer Pete Peden ran to it. He travelled 600 miles from Nashville to Biloxi to help South Mississippi brace for back-to-back storms.

"Basically, we've been delivering food and supplies to the shelters, ice, meals, ready to go, just generally trying to keep people as comfortable they be in the shelter," Peden said.

Peden was just one of 35 volunteers who helped out during Hurricane Dennis. Volunteers delivered more than 10,000 meals to the coast's 10 shelters. They spent much of Monday collecting what was left over. 

"We had a big sigh of relief that we dodged the bullet. There was very little to no damage here on the Coast in our areas from Dennis, which we're very grateful for," said Pat Kraemer, Emergency Services Director of the Biloxi Red Cross.

But their work's not over yet. Volunteers are waiting on their next assignment.

"These supplies are going to be deployed to another area that was affected during Dennis, like Alabama, Florida, or another chapter in Mississippi that had more damage that we had. If we would have sustained all the damage, those chapters would be doing the same for us, and sending us all of the supplies," Kraemer said.

And that's what the American Red Cross is all about - providing relief to people in need in the places that need it most.

by Toni Miles

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