Beach goers celebrate Independence Day

Beach goers celebrate Independence Day

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Families from near and far descended on coast beaches for a day of festive fun in the sand and sun.

"We always come out here every year. We like to come out here. The fireworks show, the barbecue, the beach and you meet so many people you don't even know, and everybody is so nice and friendly," said Lasha Selder of Hammond, Louisiana.

The clear skies and warm weather made for perfect conditions and judging from their smiles, beachgoers were soaking it all in.

"We have the most gorgeous weather and some of the most fun people to hang with, just enjoying the time," said Carol Grantham.

Myieka Nesbitt and her family spent their day grilling at the beach near the Courthouse Road Pier.

"Any opportunity I get from work and school, I take that and be with my family," said Myieka Nesbitt.

It wouldn't be an Independence day celebration without the food. While some may have stayed at home, others brought the grills with them.

"We brought everything from home like we was cooking at home. We got ribs. We got hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, dirty rice, corn on the cob. So, you know we try to get our grub on," said Nesbitt.

But the busy beaches presented a dilemma from some. Employees at Life's Good Jet Ski Rentals in Biloxi were frustrated by barricaded parking bays.

"Now on the biggest day of the year for the summer, they've completely barricaded our parking lot which kills all of our tourists," said Kristina Shirey.

Biloxi Police say, with the amount people coming to the beach, they wanted to get ahead of traffic control.

"Last year we had a real problem with people double and triple parking, and then when someone had a family emergency or needed to get out, we ended up having to tow at the owner's expense," said Sgt. Brian Dykes.

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