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Dennis Gone, But Not All Plywood Coming Down Soon

Don't expect all the plywood to come down anytime soon. Some people say Dennis may have spared South Mississippi, but the next storms may not be so kind.

With Hurricane Dennis in the Gulf of Mexico, cutting the grass quickly dropped to the bottom of Bob Richard's to-do list.

"I kept putting it off," said Richards as he plugged up his weed eater. "I wanted to save my energy for more important things like putting up the boards."

On Monday, the threat of Dennis was gone, but Richards' windows were still covered with plywood. He says until forecasters figure out where the next tropical threat will go, his wife wants to the boards to stay put.

"She's up in years and it's just her and I doing this. It's a pretty rough job, so we're going to wait for the weather forecast before we take them down."

Zack Richardson manages seven rental houses in East Biloxi. It took him and his staff six hours to get all the properties boarded up and he doesn't like the idea of having to get hurricane-ready again any time soon.

"Instead of taking it all down and starting over again, just leave them up for a few days and see what happens," he said.

What both men say they hope happens is that the storms stay away from South Mississippi and they can feel comfortable enjoying the view from their windows again.

by Danielle Thomas

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