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Bull Sharks making waves at the 70th Annual Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo.


Anglers have set their sights on sharks and it turned out to be a record-setting day in the Bull Shark category.

If you head over to Jones Park in Gulfport, the site of the Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo, the ice bin has an array of fish, highlighted by sharks.

Brett Rutledge of Mobile arrived at the weigh scales and brought with him plenty of excitement after he reeled-in a 354 pound bull shark, a rodeo record.  

Rutledge said, "Took about an hour about an hour. Hooked him at 4:45 this morning, got him in the boat about six."

Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Executive Director Donnie Armes says the 354 pound Bull Shark is most likely a new state record, but it won't become official until the Department of Marine Resources meets in two weeks.

"You'll see a lot of them got bite marks on them, "stated Armes.  "There are plenty of sharks roaming the Gulf.   It's just that time of year."

Justin Matthews is also on shark patrol.  He weighed in a 231 pound Bull Shark, but he didn't give away the location.

"You know I can't tell you exactly where I caught it, far South of here, "said Matthews.  "It was an hour long fight.  Took us a mile to get it in.  It was the fight of a lifetime."

The weigh scales close Tuesday at 4:00 p.m.

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