Fireworks sales picking up after soggy start

Fireworks sales picking up after soggy start

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - At Snap Krackle Pop Fireworks in Biloxi, managing fireworks under a tent during a soggy June has been a task.

"We actually closed down for a little while and put everything up because we were afraid that Cindy was going do something," said manager Virginia Anderson. "And, turned around and put it all back up."

But, a good last few days of sales can make up the slow start.

"We were really worried in the beginning with the rain that we've had," she said. "But, things seem to be picking up. It's doing decent. We're hoping for a really good third and fourth."

Even for the climate-controlled confines of Coast Fireworks in Ocean Springs, weather has been a factor in sales.

"The rain has really put a damper because we had a lot of days people wouldn't get out," said owner Leonard Cooper. "We're hoping that people get out and celebrate their independence with their families, start barbecuing, throwing stuff on the grill, and shooting a few fireworks."

That's what Ben Smith is planning to do with his son, Liam.

"He loves the big ones, the small ones," Smith said. "He even loves the smoke bombs. Anything that will keep him entertained, I'm all for."

Bryan Diotte of Gulfport is shopping for everything.

"The biggest and best they have, always. I love getting fireworks. I love seeing explosions; anything that goes boom."

While Kiara Ramirez of Biloxi thinks buying fireworks is a waste of money, she enjoys the end result.

"I like that they make pretty colors," Ramierz said. "And then there's some that you just light for the fun of it."

For a list of the fireworks stands, click here to visit Gulf Coast Weekend.

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