Skateboarders clean up hate speech in Gulfport

Skateboarders clean up hate speech in Gulfport

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Several Coast skateboarders came together to 'erase the hate' after they found out an area they use had been vandalized.

"This is our spot, this is all we really have. We want to keep it clean and really nice to show respect to the owners for letting us be here," said Tony Burn.

Burn spent his weekend painting over several obscenities at the vacant spoke popular with Gulfport kids.

"It's pure negativity towards the skaters and where we skate. We're here trying to fix up the place and make it look nice. It's more like an insult really," Burn continued.

Some of the hate speech included "Hitler did nothing wrong," and "There's nothing wrong with mass homicide."

Now, those hurtful words are covered by a thick layer of paint.

"I was happy to see these young men took offense to it, and that was the first area they went to with their paint because they didn't want it in their skate park," said local supporter Jack Healy.

Healy is the father of one of the skaters who routinely skates at the vacant lot. He says he's confident that the area's regular visitors are not behind the vandalism.

"Sadly, it was not by their skaters. They police themselves.  But it was an outside person who did it, unfortunately," said Healy

Skaters say they plan to continue to push for some type of legitimate skate park in Gulfport.

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