Eight Flags Will fly Again

After hearing emotional debate from both sides, the Harrison County Supervisors voted Monday to put the flags back up at the beachfront eight flags display, including the controversial Confederate Battle Flag. The board's vote was four to one, with Supervisor William Martin voting against re-instating the flags.

As for why the vote came up again, the April 17th state flag vote was cited as the main reason. As you remember, more than 60 percent of the voters said the state flag, with its confederate battle emblem, should remain flying. After that vote, the supervisors began getting calls from people wanting the eight flags to fly again at the beach display.

Members of the Biloxi and Gulfport NAACP, along with black citizens, asked the board to keep the flags down, and to remove the state flag from all public buildings. The supervisors who voted for the flags say they are only representing a majority of their constituents. But Supervisor William Martin says being in the majority doesn't always mean you're right.