Heavy rain keeps Jackson Co. road crews busy

Heavy rain keeps Jackson Co. road crews busy

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - When the Coast sees heavy rain, that means there's work to be done for the Jackson County Road Department.

"It's going to be a wet day. We're pretty much going to be out here all day cleaning culverts and stuff," said Curtis Anderson.

The county usually has around a dozen or so crews out manning the streets before heavy rain events.

But this time, there hasn't been much of an opportunity before the rain strikes. As a result, road manager Joe O'Neal, stays pretty busy.

"We go to our trouble spots and make sure all the culverts are open, make sure we don't have any blockages," said O'Neal. "If we need to do any ditching or anything to get them ready to go, we do that."

One of the problems crews typically find is clogged culverts. That's what Anderson and his team spent their morning trying to clear in Gulf Park Estates.

Because crews can't be everywhere at once, O'Neal's department relies on residents to call in with issues they're seeing in their neighborhoods.

"Public input is one of the biggest ways we get our information that there's a problem. People call it into the road offices and we can dispatch crews out to try to help them," said O'Neal.

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